Tuesday, August 31, 2010

cooking classes

I seem to be on a roll with taking cooking classes lately.  Sunday I was privy to take an exclusive NOLA class in a cool new Villa near Inglewood.  My friend, John, taught.  He is definitley the most amzing chef I have been able to be IN the kitchen with.  He prepared homeade chorizo, seafood boil, roasted stuffed baby red potatoes, smoked tomatoes, gumbo,savory and sweet beignets, coffee from Cafe du Monde, and a variety of sauces to serve with.  I waso so full I thought I'd pop.
On top of it all, my friend Matt was there for a short time.  It's been months since we've talked.
A great time was had by all of those lucky enough to get invites to attend.  I am truly blessed!

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